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Faktion - Ryan
Posted on 05.21.2006 at 14:32
My Mood Today: amusedamused
What I'm hearing: Faktion - Pilot
Faktion, Theory of a Deadman and Hinder are AWESOME in concert!!!!!

And they are so nice too!!! (And they're all totally hot, as well!!)

If you like rock music...GO SEE THEM IN CONCERT!!!!

Posted on 05.18.2006 at 06:18
My Mood Today: exhaustedexhausted
Having 4 days off in a row without having to babysit is great.

Until you can't sleep, and end up only getting about 5 hours of sleep each of those days.

Posted on 05.14.2006 at 00:34
My Mood Today: sleepysleepy
Having 5 days out of 7 (four consecutive days) without having to babysit is awesome.

It totally is.

Posted on 05.11.2006 at 21:54
My Mood Today: exhaustedexhausted
Getting up at 6am to babysit sucks.

Yes siree, it does.

Posted on 05.02.2006 at 13:34
My Mood Today: contemplativecontemplative
Veronica Mars is so awesome.

That is all.

Faktion - Ryan


Posted on 05.02.2006 at 00:57
My Mood Today: chipperchipper
What I'm hearing: The Beatles - I Feel Fine
So.... Had the past couple of days with no Julian. Pretty boring. Sat around the house both days, didn't go anywhere at all. Finished two books that I got when I went to the library on Friday with Tiff. Only have one more of the books I got from there left to read. Plus I've been rewatching the first season of Veronica Mars...watched 6 episodes of it today. All in all, it's been a very boring past 2 days.

But tomorrow I'm going to the movies with Michelle, Katrina and possibly Pam, to see Stick It. I think it looks like a pretty cool movie, been wanting to see it since I first saw the trailer for it. Who's Pam, you ask? Pam is Katrina's brother's (Cody's) girlfriend....the mother of his daughter.

Those books that I got from the library? They're more books by Meg Cabot. I've been really into reading her books lately. So far I've read not only the Princess Diaries Series, but also the All-American Girl ones (only 2 books), Teen Idol (one book), and now The Mediator series. The Mediator is pretty interesting. She sees and talks to and can touch ghosts! I just finished the second book in the series like about 15 minutes before I started writing this entry. There are 6 books so far, and the library only had the first 3... That's okay, I'll read the other 3 on my computer, I guess.

Anywho... So guess what? Michelle and I are going to South Bend on the 19th to a concert! To see Theory of a Deadman and Hinder with Faktion opening. I enjoy Theory of a Deadman and I'm totally into Faktion right now, but Hinder... I think I remember hearing the name, but I'm not completely sure if I know any of their songs. But that's okay. Michelle's got their CD, so it's all good. I'll at least get to know a few songs by them come time of the concert.

We only found out about this concert a few days ago because Faktion has a MySpace.com page and asked to be Michelle's friend so we listened to them.... I totally like them. There's this one song called "Distance" that I really like. I also really like "Letting You Go".

Right. So I think I'm going to get going for now. I guess that's enough for now. Wanna get started on the next Mediator book! So... CYA!

Posted on 04.28.2006 at 06:49
My Mood Today: sleepysleepy
So guess what I'm doing right now... BABYSITTING BRAYDEN! I called Tiff yesterday and she was all "So whatcha doin' tomorrow?" and I told her I was babysitting and then she asked what time and I told her from 9:30 to 5:30 and then she asked if I would watch Brayden. Why, you ask? 'Cause David got a job yesterday! But he had to be there at the same time as Tiff, 7am. And so I told her that I would watch him, even though she'd be bringing him by at like 6:30am. She wanted someone she knew and could trust with her baby, ya know? And plus I love the little guy. He is just, like, the most adorable little baby ever.

At this moment he is in his carrier, on my bedroom floor, asleep. Tiff said that he should stay asleep a little while if he's not bothered too much. So I'm just letting him sleep for the moment.

So long as this works out, and I'm pretty sure it will, I'll be babysitting him on Fridays ('cause on Saturdays and Sundays David should be off work and could watch him) until she can find something else. I don't mind.

Well, not too much. I don't really like the idea of getting up at 6:30am but I'll do it for Tiff. So, Tiff, I hope you appreciate this! Oh, wait. I already know you do. Lol. Considering you wrote it on the one sheet. Lol. Crazy.

Okay, that's enough for the moment, I'm going to go see if my mom and Dody wanna watch last night's CSI since none of us have watched it yet. So... CYA!

Posted on 04.22.2006 at 23:10
My Mood Today: sleepysleepy
What I'm hearing: people in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers talking
Orlando Bloom is one sexy, sexy, SEXY man!

And that be all!



Posted on 04.19.2006 at 01:06
My Mood Today: chipperchipper
Oh my god... Dude.... Chippendales are awesome. Hehehehehehe....... Okay, so last Thursday afternoon I get a call from Michelle saying that she saw a sign in Niles that said Chippendales tickets were on sale for Friday and Saturday, the 14th and 15th. She told me because Katrina had this.....fantasy about a Chippendale dancer and she knew so she wanted me to tell Katrina about the tickets. I forgot to tell her until later that evening after I'd gotten home and checked out the site and everything and got more information. So then I called her and told her and she started freaking out. So we decided that IF Katrina's grandpa would watch Julian until Josh picked him up then we would go on Friday, as she had to work until 10 on Saturday.

So we went. Katrina, Michelle and I all went. It was pretty awesome. We got to meet all but one of the 6 guys after the show and hung out with them at the bar until it closed. And the one guy was totally hot, Chris........although, they all had nice bodies.....lol. They were all pretty cool....except the guy we didn't meet, of course. Don't really know as we didn't get to hang out with him. But we got pictures and autographs from the other 5 guys.

So we all agree that we totally hafta go see them again when they're back in the area, which will be later this year. They'll be back in the same place towards the end of this year and next month they're going to be in Traverse City, but that's a little too far away, Niles we can handle, easily, but not Traverse City.

Anywho... I really don't feel like going into detail about EVERYTHING that happened, of course, but we totally had a blast. And that I will totally make a page with pictures on my site sometime.....when I feel like it. Right now I'm trying to catch up on all the stuff that I've missed......only have two more things to watch as of now. Yay! I'm doing good! I was so far behind I had like a dozen shows to watch last week sometime. But I've been keeping up to date lately, as much as I can with missing have the shows when they're on with not being home. Right. Going now to watch the stuff. CYA!


Posted on 04.11.2006 at 05:33
My Mood Today: sleepysleepy
What I'm hearing: People on Dawson's Creek talking
So it's been a while since I've updated, huh? What's been going on? Not much, really. Just babysitting Julian when Katrina works.....and the last couple of weeks I've borrowed the seasons of Dawson's Creek from Katrina and am currently on the last season, almost done with it, will most likely finish it later today.

Oh! And I've been reading the Princess Diaries books. They're actually really good......reaaaalllllllllllllllllllly different from the movies. They even make fun of the movies in the books, it's great. I just got through reading Volume VI and a Half (there's Volumes I-IV, IV and a Half, V, VI, VI and a Half and VII, which is the newest one, just came out a couple weeks ago). I can't wait to read Volume VII but the library didn't have it yet. I haven't gotten all the books from the library, actually only Volume VI and a Half so far. I bought all of them up to there. Now I can't wait until the library gets the next one ready to lend out.

Anywho... So my DVD Collection.... Up to 459 DVDs now. I know, ridiculous, right? Yeah, I think so too sometimes. But other times I'm all "I NEED MORE!!!" lol. I'm weird, yes I know.

Right now I should be asleep. I am supposed to be getting up in less than 4 hours. But I couldn't fall asleep. I think I'm going to go take a shower and then try to go to sleep again. Sorry again that it's been so long since I've updated this thing, and I will TRY to update again soon. CYA!


Posted on 02.06.2006 at 10:54
My Mood Today: coldcold
I am bored. I am currently watching Monk from last Friday......I taped it to make sure I didn't miss it. I love this show.

Anywayz... So Michelle is coming over tonight. We're going to get Elizabethtown...hehehe... I'm also buying Just Like Heaven (I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!) and Bambi II and Growing Pains: Complete First Season. We're also going to watch a few episodes of season two of Ghost Hunters that I found. In one of them they go to Mansfield, Ohio and go to the Mansfield Reformatory, which is where they filmed The Shawshank Redemption and then they go to Lizzie Borden's house. In another they go to Long Beach, California and visit the Winchester House (where there's all these secret passages and staircases and doors that lead to like nowhere) and they also visit the Queen Mary. Those are the two episodes I REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY can't wait to see.

Right. Well, I've got to go. Gotta get dressed and take my mom to work and pick up a Best Buy ad and get money out of my account. CYA!


Posted on 02.03.2006 at 02:54
My Mood Today: tiredtired
What I'm hearing: TLC - Case of the Fake People
Okay, so why is it lately that whenever I actually hafta babysit I can never get to sleep the night before? Hmm... Probably because I screw up my sleep schedule so much that I can't get to sleep early anymore. I'm thinking I might possibly just stay up until Julian leaves, but the problem with that is that I have absolutely NO IDEA when he's leaving tomorrow, as Kat doesn't know how long she's supposed to be there. But a good thing is that Dody will be here all day tomorrow. He he... I might end up having her watch him if I end up falling asleep, which I will probably end up doing.

Anywayz.... So, Kat FINALLY (after a few weeks of this shit going on) heard from the woman at Finish Line about the job, and the lady was all "did you go fill out the questions on the internet?" and Katrina was all "what questions?". Apparently she was supposed to go to some site and answer like five questions and because she didn't they were having a hard time getting her into the computer. But the thing was, NO ONE told her to go answer them!!!!!! Stupid assholes!!! So the questions finally got answered today (well, technicall yesterday, the 2nd) and the lady called back and said "can you start tomorrow at 10am?".

Grr... Katrina should've known 9:30am was a little too early for me on such short notice, as yesterday I was up until about 8am and didn't get up until after 3pm. I mean, yes, we have been waiting for notice of her starting, but starting that early in the morning, is it really all that necessary?

Right. So for now I'm going to go do some stuff. Think I might update my DVD Collection page on my site and then watch a movie or two or three, depending on whether or not I decide to stay up or if I decide to take a nap. CYA!!


Posted on 01.23.2006 at 07:36
My Mood Today: sleepysleepy
What I'm hearing: Fuel - Shimmer
So it is now a quarter after 7 in the morning and I am still up. Crazy. I've been staying up this late, or close to this late, for the past week. Just didn't see any reason not to with not babysitting all that often.

Yes, you heard me right. Once the holidays were over, Kat's hours got cut to, if we're lucky, 10 hours a week. It's been almost like a vacation the past 2 weeks. I've only babysat once. I told her I'd watch him today though, at around noon, because she's got to go do a drug test for this new job, working for Finish Line. But we know she's going to pass the test, so it's all good. That means that she should start training this week sometime. Which is great, but I've gotten so used to being alone the last two weeks. That's okay, I love the Julian Hooligan! :-D! I've kinda missed him not being here so much too.

Anywho... So Johnathan came over yesterday and stayed the night last night. He's already gone though, he had to be to work at 7am, which is the reason I'm still up. I stayed up (since I've been staying up pretty late anyways) to make sure he got up at 6am so he could get ready to go. He came over so I could give him his birthday gift: a $20 gift card for Wal-Mart, a birthday card and a homemade cake (courtesy of Pillsbury cake mix...hehehe).

On another note, I don't think I'm going to bed for a while yet. I think I'm going to go with my mom and do a couple of errands and then I'll most likely hafta babysit come noon, unless she calls to say that her grandpa or someone else is going to watch him since she stayed at her grandpa's house last night. Guess we'll just hafta wait and see when I get to sleep, huh?

So what have I been doing during this pseudo vacation, you ask? Mostly watching DVDs. In about 4 or 5 days I watched the first two seasons of One Tree Hill on DVD (hence the previous entry about Chad Michael Murray....he he). And I finished the third season of Angel before that....and I've watched the first disc of season four of that, and I've watched the first disc of season one of Lois & Clark, and just yesterday (and last night/this morning) I watched the first two discs of season three of Charmed. Plus I've watched quite a few of my movies, ones that I hadn't watched since I got them. I have just been like sooooo bored, can ya tell? Lol. I am currently down to like 107 DVDs left to watch (that's counting the discs of the seasons separately, of course), out of, probably once I add them all up with the ones that I've gotten since I started keeping track, about 155 or so. So I think I'm doing a pretty damn good job.

And I think right now I'm going to go watch another episode of something, probably Charmed, but we'll see. CYA!

Posted on 01.18.2006 at 03:05
My Mood Today: sleepysleepy
Chad Michael Murray is one sexy man.

That is all.

Happy New Year's...

Posted on 01.01.2006 at 02:16
My Mood Today: blahblah
What I'm hearing: Creed - With Arms Wide Open
Okay, so first of all, Happy New Year's to everyone!

Second of all... Tiffy had her baby!! Hehehehe!! Little Brayden Connor Ian Schultz is vewy adorable! She had him at 11:38am this morning (well technically yesterday as it's already the first), and he was 7 pounds 15 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Head full of dark hair! Here's some pics...

Brayden pics!Collapse )

Well, I should probably stop posting pics in here now, but if you'd like to see even more pics, you can go here.


Posted on 12.31.2005 at 12:00
My Mood Today: blahblah
So Tiffy called yesterday and said that today they were inducing her labor! She was supposed to be there at around 8 this morning, but first she was supposed to call the hospital to make sure they had some beds. So now I'm just waiting for the phone call saying that she's actually in labor. :-D! She said she didn't want everyone to come up there that early in the morning since it would be a little while before she actually has him.

First... At 4pm I gotta go pick up Johnathan from work for our annual New Year's Eve hanging out. Hoping no one calls before then at least, 'cause I don't wanna leave Johnathan at work with no way home, ya know? 'Cause that's not very nice. Anywayz... But if someone calls while I'm out there picking him up then we're going to the hospital, otherwise we're coming back here until we get the phone call.

I can't wait to meet little Brayden Connor Ian Schultz.... I know Tiff can't either, she wants him out of her lol. If any of you are wondering why they're inducing her labor: it's because of the gestational diabetes she has, they don't want her to go past 39 weeks.

Right... Well I'm going to go either watch some X-Files or Dead Like Me, or I'm going to go play some games (Mortal Kombat or Sonic 2 - or other games on the Sega Genesis Legends thing I have) that I have, some plug & play games. So I will see everyone later!!



Posted on 12.23.2005 at 04:28
My Mood Today: crappycrappy
What I'm hearing: People in Galaxy Quest talking
So it's been a while since I've updated this thing. Figured I probably should get to it before the end of the year lol.

Christmas is in 2 days. I spent so much money on Christmas this year on people. $50 on Mom, $50 on Regina (though that's birthday and Christmas together), $44 on Michelle, $36 on Tiff, $30 on Dody, $30 on Katrina, $20 (probably closer to $25 or $30 though since I bought a bunch of other stuff for her that she needed) for Katrina and Jeremy, $20 each on Sierra, Spanky and David, $15 on Julian, and I still hafta send out Melissa's gift (which didn't cost me anything yet, will only cost shipping and I don't know how much that'll be or when I'm going to have the money to send that out).

On that note..... Katrina got fired from GNC. Check this out: the reason her boss gave her was that her back room was a mess. Now tell me if that's right or not. And the asshole had the nerve to bring in her replacement when he fired her! We're just so happy that Bath & Body Works could get her some hours the past two weeks. Won't be making as much money though. But the day she got fired she went to see if anyone was hiring and went to the unemployment office to get that set up, which she did get approved for. And she also got me signed back up for getting paid by the state instead of her (or shall I say together with her, since some of my money will be coming from her also). But now I have no clue as to when I will be getting paid again. *Sigh* Wish I did.

Anywayz.... So what am I doing up at 4am? I tried for over an hour to fall asleep but it just wasn't happening. And I gotta be up by 9:30am to babysit. At least it's not 8:30am, though, like it would be if it were GNC she was working.

Right, like I was saying... So I'm up this late because I couldn't fall asleep. Part of that reason is because I don't feel too good. My throat is kind of starting to hurt and my nose is all stuffed up. Goddamn Julian. He's sick and I think he got me sick too. No one else is sick.

And now I'm finishing Galaxy Quest. Lol. When Melissa was here she wanted to see it so we started watching it but it got so late that we stopped it and never finished it lol. So, Melissa, I'm finally finishing watching it! Lol! Then after this if I still feel like crap and don't think I can get to sleep I'm going to watch another movie, just not sure which one yet, I own too many (almost 400). Either that or I'll watch some more of season 2 of Full House.

Well I'm going to go now to watch this and blow my nose (yuck, I know you guys are thinking). I will write in here again before the end of the year hopefully. But until then:


Damn needle...

Posted on 10.31.2005 at 03:22
My Mood Today: blahblah
What I'm hearing: Ross embarrassing himself
So I've gotten back into the habit of doing cross-stitching again. Started doing them about a week and a half ago when Tiff and I were at Wal-Mart and we saw a couple of Eeyore cross-stitching and I told her that I could do those and then she was all "if i buy these, you can do them". Lol. So we got them and then I started doing them that night. Got the little tiny Eeyore done by the next afternoon and took it to the baby shower and gave it to Tiff. And then I started the bigger one and I finished it this past Saturday.

But today it felt like I had to do something with my hands since I went a week and a half doing the cross-stitching. So I got out my old stuff (which the needle is so much sharper than the one that came with Eeyore, and so my fingers kept getting poked, and now my middle finger on my right hand kinda hurts....). Was trying to do it but I figured out why I'd stopped doing it before (last year). THE SQUARES WERE SO TINY I COULD BARELY TELL WHAT I WAS DOING!! So I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought some different and bigger fabric. Plus I bought the rest of the colors that I needed for the other one that I have the picture for. I'm hoping to be able to do most if not all the bears that this one site has on there, some of them are SOOOO adorable! Check them out here: http://www.vsccs.com/charts/FreeCharts.html (scroll down to where it says 2004 Fantasy Bears...right now I'm doing February, then I'm doing January)

Anywho... I'm going to go back to watching Friends! (I'm on season 8, on the last disc, episode 21 of 24!) CYA!!

More Nora...

Posted on 10.08.2005 at 22:43
My Mood Today: blahblah
Okay, so I said I would post some more pictures of the Nora Roberts signing so here they are...

Nora Pics!Collapse )

Okay, well, that's all for now. I don't wanna miss any more of Desperate Housewives, which is what I'm watching right now. Cya!!

Nora Roberts...

Posted on 10.07.2005 at 09:59
My Mood Today: chipperchipper
What I'm hearing: People on CSI: Miami talking
Okay, so yesterday was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MET NORA ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was great. Very nice and funny! Kat and I ended up standing there talking to her and some of the employees of the bookstore for like ten to fifteen minutes after she was done signing all the books she had to sign and everyone had left. She was so nice! Kat and I bought her a teddy bear with a little t-shirt on it that was personalized and said "We love you Nora". Check out the picture of her holding the little bear!
Nora Pics!Collapse )

I'll post more pictures later, wanna wait until I get Kat's pics off her camera tonight and see which ones are the best. For now, I'll just say that I got 2 things autographed for myself. Though she only personalized her new one, Blue Smoke. But that's okay, 'cause I got the little paperback for Midnight In Death signed as J.D. Robb. I though that was totally awesome! Katrina bought her aunt Remember When (the Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb book), and she signed it, and then while we were taking some pics of her signing others book and stuff, Kat looked at the signing in Remember When (which, by the way, was only $5.99) and she signed it as BOTH Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb. So Kat was all "I GOTTA have one like this!!!". So she went and bought the last Remember When in Hardcover for $5.99 and got that one signed as both for herself lol. That's why I went and got Midnight In Death and had her sign it for me as J.D. Robb.

Anywho... I still have like five and a half hours worth of stuff on tape to watch from this week. So before I end up making this any longer, I'm going to go watch stuff, starting with CSI: Miami from this past Monday. I will write more later and post more pictures when Kat brings me her camera!! CYA!!

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