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It's been a long time....

Wow, so it's been more than a year since I'e updated this thing. Quite a bit can happen in that amount of time. Katrina lost her job at Finish Line back in June of last year, so I started looking for a job myself.

I applied at a shit load of places online. Only like 4 places ever called back, but by the time the fourth place called, I already had a job. And I only had interviews at 2 of the places. I work at.....dun dun dun......Wal-Mart. Lol.

Been working there since July 8th, 2008. Started as a cashier.......hated it!! But after about 2 months my boss called me into the office and asked if I'd like to be moved into a department, so of course I said yes. Even took a 20 cent pay cut to do it lol. So on October 4th, I started working as a sales associate in Cosmetics. I cosmetics??? I don't even wear the shit lol.

Another thing....? Tiffany lost her job at Lakeland early last year, it was while we weren't really talking, so I can't remember when it was. But when we started talking again I had just started working at Wally World. I told her they were hiring still, she applied, about a month after I started...? She got a job there too lol. So now Tiff and I both work there, only she's a cashier.

Anyway.... Other than that, not too much else has happened. Since the last time I wrote in here, I've seen my guys.... One, two.... Six times? If I'm counting right, of course. Only two of those since Katrina lost her job and I started working instead of being just her baby-sitter. And one of those was Blue Chip...that's becoming an annual event for Katrina and me and we'll most likely go this year also. Chris is no longer with them, since last March. But Katrina and I went to visit him in....May, I think it was?

Basically, my life nowadays is work, watch TV, work, watch DVDs, work, read, etc. I usually just come home from work and watch stuff, hang out online. Not much of a social life. I might go to the movies or something, but that's about the extent of my "social life".

I have made a few buddies at work though. There's Danielle, a cashier. She's really cool. And there's Lynne and Karen, who work in the departments right by mine, HBA and Stationery. If I ever need anything at all and they're there, all I hafta do is ask. Last night, for instance, I was trying to figure out how to do something, so I asked Karen and she came over and helped me for more than an hour, until I had to take care of the cart full of stuff 'cause I was about to get off work.

I now have over 800 DVDs. Haven't really updated my pages on my site though. I worked on that the other day, got up to D done, but that's it lol. Got so many that I had to buy a small "DVD" tote to put some in....but I need probably at least 3 more of them.

Right now, I'm watching Montana Sky. I love John Corbett, he's so hot. And totally such a nice guy, too. 'Cause, ya know, totally met him a few years ago.

I think I need to do something different with my hair. It's down to the middle of my back now. I need either a haircut, or to dye it or streaks, or SOMETHING!

Something else I need? A LIFE!! I'm tired of sitting here at home all the time when I get off work. I'm so caught up on all my shows, I've been watching movies like crazy. Like today? I have today off and none of my shows to watch, so I've been watching movies since I woke up.

Now I really should go get something to eat, I'm starvin'. So, now I'ma go to do that. Maybe I'll write in here again soon, and not take almost a year and a half to do so lol. So....CYA!
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