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Being sick reallllllllllly sucks. Right now I'm up because, as usual, I couldn't sleep. But this time it's because I couldn't stop coughing long enough TO fall asleep. Seems every few minutes I cough. Grrrrr! It SUCKS!!!!! I fucking hate being sick! I really do!!!!!! If only I had insurance or could afford to go to the doctor. But I can't. Plus, I sure as hell wouldn't be able to afford whatever prescription they would've prescribed me. *Cough cough* Dammit!!!!!!

*Sigh* Seems like just about everytime I update this thing is really early in the morning when I can't sleep. Hmmm..... Weird. Oh well, though. At least it's not on a day that I hafta get up super early to babysit someone, right? Well, I'm going to go find SOMETHING to do, since it's still so early I'm the only one awake right now. CYA!
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