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Posted on 10.27.2010 at 12:45
Wow has it been a long time since I've updated here... Not a whole lot has been going on in my life. I'm still working at Wal-Mart, now I'm a stocker in pharmacy...work crazy hours lately, my boss is strange. Anywho...

Katrina had another baby this past March, a little girl named Aubree...she's a cutie. Never really expected her to have another one though. Don't think she did either.

Michelle has a boyfriend...been together since...June I think...before that she was with another guy for about 7 months or so.

I'm not talking to Tiffany...I bet you're thinking again, right?? Not that anyone ever reads this lol. Well, she pissed me off... If a friend calls you and asks you to be there for them, are you gonna sit around and do your fuckin' MAKEUP??? Such bullshit. I'm tired of all the shit she pulls, so I decided to wait and see if she contacts me, 'cause I just don't want to deal with it right now.

I have this guy named Troy who really likes me, and I like him as a friend, but I'm just not feeling him any other way, ya know?? I'm not attracted to him in that way.

But for now I'm going to get going...Work 3-9 today (like I said, crazy schedule), and I wanna get stuff watched before I leave.

Posted on 05.17.2009 at 01:46
My Mood Today: blahblah
yup.....something is wrong with me.....that's a definite.....

Posted on 05.09.2009 at 00:57
My Mood Today: blahblah
does anyone know how life REALLY works? if anyone does, let me know....i'd really like to know.

Posted on 05.07.2009 at 02:14
there MUST be something wrong with me

Posted on 05.05.2009 at 23:31
is there something wrong with me???

Posted on 04.28.2009 at 00:42
My Mood Today: blahblah
why why why.....oh why......do i even exist? i hate my life....

Posted on 04.22.2009 at 02:45
My Mood Today: blahblah
What I'm hearing: People talking in One Tree Hill - Season 3 Episode 12
One Tree Hill is an awesome show....


Posted on 04.21.2009 at 00:30
My Mood Today: cynicalcynical
Why does it seem like everyone besides me actually has a life? I'm 25, I'm supposed to be enjoying life at the moment.....this sucks....

Posted on 04.13.2009 at 22:10
Life sucks...

That is all...


It's been a long time....

Posted on 01.19.2009 at 16:02
My Mood Today: cold & sleepy
What I'm hearing: People talking in Montana Sky
Wow, so it's been more than a year since I'e updated this thing. Quite a bit can happen in that amount of time. Katrina lost her job at Finish Line back in June of last year, so I started looking for a job myself.

I applied at a shit load of places online. Only like 4 places ever called back, but by the time the fourth place called, I already had a job. And I only had interviews at 2 of the places. I work at.....dun dun dun......Wal-Mart. Lol.

Been working there since July 8th, 2008. Started as a cashier.......hated it!! But after about 2 months my boss called me into the office and asked if I'd like to be moved into a department, so of course I said yes. Even took a 20 cent pay cut to do it lol. So on October 4th, I started working as a sales associate in Cosmetics. I know.....me.....in cosmetics??? I don't even wear the shit lol.

Another thing....? Tiffany lost her job at Lakeland early last year, it was while we weren't really talking, so I can't remember when it was. But when we started talking again I had just started working at Wally World. I told her they were hiring still, she applied, about a month after I started...? She got a job there too lol. So now Tiff and I both work there, only she's a cashier.

Anyway.... Other than that, not too much else has happened. Since the last time I wrote in here, I've seen my guys.... One, two.... Six times? If I'm counting right, of course. Only two of those since Katrina lost her job and I started working instead of being just her baby-sitter. And one of those was Blue Chip...that's becoming an annual event for Katrina and me and we'll most likely go this year also. Chris is no longer with them, since last March. But Katrina and I went to visit him in....May, I think it was?

Basically, my life nowadays is work, watch TV, work, watch DVDs, work, read, etc. I usually just come home from work and watch stuff, hang out online. Not much of a social life. I might go to the movies or something, but that's about the extent of my "social life".

I have made a few buddies at work though. There's Danielle, a cashier. She's really cool. And there's Lynne and Karen, who work in the departments right by mine, HBA and Stationery. If I ever need anything at all and they're there, all I hafta do is ask. Last night, for instance, I was trying to figure out how to do something, so I asked Karen and she came over and helped me for more than an hour, until I had to take care of the cart full of stuff 'cause I was about to get off work.

I now have over 800 DVDs. Haven't really updated my pages on my site though. I worked on that the other day, got up to D done, but that's it lol. Got so many that I had to buy a small "DVD" tote to put some in....but I need probably at least 3 more of them.

Right now, I'm watching Montana Sky. I love John Corbett, he's so hot. And totally such a nice guy, too. 'Cause, ya know, totally met him a few years ago.

I think I need to do something different with my hair. It's down to the middle of my back now. I need either a haircut, or to dye it or streaks, or SOMETHING!

Something else I need? A LIFE!! I'm tired of sitting here at home all the time when I get off work. I'm so caught up on all my shows, I've been watching movies like crazy. Like today? I have today off and none of my shows to watch, so I've been watching movies since I woke up.

Now I really should go get something to eat, I'm starvin'. So, now I'ma go to do that. Maybe I'll write in here again soon, and not take almost a year and a half to do so lol. So....CYA!

Posted on 09.15.2007 at 12:15
My Mood Today: bouncybouncy
What I'm hearing: People talking in Charmed, Season 8 Episode 14
So I've seen Chippendales 4 times this summer. It's been pretty eventful! Blue Chip was awesome, and then on August 10th, me, Katrina and Michelle drove to Kokomo, Indiana to see them, and then just last week, on September 6th, Katrina and I saw them in Evansville, Indiana (which is 6 hours away). I know, you're saying, "hey, that's only three", but Evansville was two shows. It's been soooooo much fun this summer. I thought last summer was great, and the beginning of this summer was boring, but it turned into such a better one. Katrina and I are gonna be seeing them again in November at Soaring Eagle (saw them there last year).

Well, I'll go more into detail about all the shows later, when I'm more up to it. For now, I'm gonna get goin' 'cause I'm watching Charmed the Final Season on DVD and my goal is to finish it today. So, CYA!

Posted on 06.09.2007 at 11:17
My Mood Today: okayokay
What I'm hearing: The sound of people talking on One Tree Hill, Season 2 Episode 9
Alright, so I never followed up about the last Chippendales show. I woke up the Saturday of the show and found out that my mom was in the hospital. Apparently my mom couldn't breathe. She ended up being in the hospital until Tuesday afternoon, that's how bad she was. But she's fine now. She told Dody that I was to, under no circumstances, cancel my plans to go to Chippendales. So Katrina picked me up there at the hospital then we went to pick up her grandpa's car and then from her grandpa's house she went to work and I went to pick up Chris.

After picking Chris up we went back to the hospital so I could see my mom again. Regina and the kids showed up there to see her too and I had her do my hair and then we left to go to South Bend. We get there and we park and are there for like fifteen minutes, TOPS, when Tony (the Chippendales owner guy) came out the door and said "Hey, girls, show's been cancelled." Oh, we were pissed! So I immediately called Katrina and told her and then I had to drive back to Benton Harbor and get Katrina's ticket and then drive all the way back to South Bend so we could get our money back from the tickets.

So then after that I've been checking the sites to find out when they'd be coming nearby again and nothing, until last week when Michelle told me her dad had been to Blue Chip and there was a sign saying they were gonna be having Chippendales again. So I checked the Blue Chip site and sure enough, they're going to be there on July 6th...so, YAY! Tickets go on sale on the 18th of this month and this past Thursday (the 7th) Katrina had to go to Michigan City and so I went with her and we booked a room at Blue Chip for the 6th, that way we can go to the room if we need to, we can get ready in the room instead of getting ready before we even leave the house in the morning, we'll be able to walk around the hotel since we'll be guests and if we stay and party with them really late I can just be like "dude, I'm tired, I'm goin' to the room and gettin' some sleep".....plus, hey, I could drink because I wouldn't hafta drive anywhere....I hope anywayz.

So, anywho, I should go 'cause Katrina'll be here in a couple minutes to be bringing Julian over. I will write after the show sometime (hey, maybe even before the show, who knows?!). For now, CYA!!!



Posted on 04.30.2007 at 23:10
My Mood Today: anxiousanxious
What I'm hearing: The fan blowing
"...they're some strippers." LOL!! That's a song to the tune of the Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers theme song, made up by Katrina. Anywho...I'm totally going to see the Chippendales this weekend! It's been a while, since November 18th, that I last saw them, so it's about time to see them again. Although I'm sad 'cause my favorite guy quit!! It's so depressing! Not only did he quit, but another guy quit and one was let go! That's three guys who I won't see anymore at the shows..... *Sniffle*

This time Michelle's not going with and Katrina's going to be meeting me there when she gets off work. My friend Chris is going to go with. She's never been to a show before and she's been wanting to which was why I asked her. Just don't know if I can handle her all day, 'cause she talks non-stop about things she's told you a million times already or things you couldn't care less about. And half the things she says I'm not sure whether to believe them 'cause they seem kinda far-fetched for her.

Right.....so it's been quite a while, huh? Haven't really been up to much else lately. Just buying DVDs.....watching DVDs......watching my TV shows.... OH! I forgot one thing.... With money Katrina gave me from taxes I bought myself a Nintendo DS! That's something new lol. That's something else I've been doing, playing my DS. And about a week and a half ago I borrowed Tiff's Gamecube, so yet another thing I've been doing lately is playing games on there.

VERONICA MARS COMES BACK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! It's been just over two months since the last time a new episode of it aired, so I'm realllllllllly excited....and then Wednesday One Tree Hill comes back (after about a week longer than Veronica Mars!!!), which I'm excited about too!!! Oh, I can't WAIT!!! It's about fuckin' time for both of them to come back!!!!!

Right....well.....I'm gonna go for now, wanna watch a movie but I'm not sure which one yet and picking one out might take some time lol. I'll TRY to update again soon....but it'll probably be a few months as usual lol...CYA!!!

Posted on 01.06.2007 at 03:30
My Mood Today: sleepysleepy
Well, I guess it's been a while, huh? I usually pop on here around New Year's to say Happy New Year but I forgot this time. Oopsy. Oh well, though, I'm doing it now so: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Better late than never, right?

Right, gonna go TRY to sleep now. Hope everyone's holidays went great!! CYA!


Posted on 10.23.2006 at 23:27
My Mood Today: tiredtired
I AM HOME!!!!!!

That is all.....cya...


Leavin' For Missouri...

Posted on 10.15.2006 at 05:44
My Mood Today: excitedexcited
So I'm leaving in about 2 hours to go to Missouri! YAY!!! I totally cannot wait... I just wanted to write a little something in here. I'll have so much to do when I get back, checking all my sites, including this one (all the communities I'm in), catching up on all my TV shows. I made sure I was caught up before I left (well, except Numb3rs, 'cause the channel was screwing up and so the tape didn't get it coming in very good......grrrrr at that channel!), I'm checking all my sites now and then I'm going to go get ready: shower, finish packing, etc. I should be able to check my sites at LEAST once or twice while I'm down there, so it shouldn't be TOO much to catch up on those.

Anywho.....I reallllllllllly should be going to take my shower now......soooooooooo......... Talk to everyone soon!


Lots going on...

Posted on 08.31.2006 at 02:43
My Mood Today: bouncybouncy
What I'm hearing: Nickelback - Rockstar
I have noticed that it's been about 2 months since I last updated this thing, so I figured it's about time that I update again....of course, I've noticed over the last month or so that it's been a while, I just never felt like writing in here. Figured it was time.

First... Johnathan isn't staying with us anymore. He's been gone for about....3 weeks, maybe? I don't even know. Or care. I've kinda lost track of time.

Second.... I have a concert in a week and a half! I can't remember if I mentioned this or not but Michelle and I are going to go see Nickelback, Hoobastank, Chevelle and Hinder at the Allegan County Fair on September 11th.... I CAN'T WAIT!!! I am SOOOO excited! lol.... What sucks about it though is that it's general admission, so in order to get a good seat we gotta get there kinda early. Good thing we don't live too far away, huh? I've been listening to Nickelback, Hoobastank, Hinder and Chevelle like crazy lately. I went and bought Hoobastank's, Nickelback's and Chevelle's latest CDs over the last coupla months (already had Hinder's), ever since we decided we were going to the concert.....hehe.....

Right..... Onto something else... Last month, on July 21st, Katrina had a ticket to go see the East Coast Chippendales at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana and she was going all by herself, so I said I'd go with her that way she'd have someone to hang out with at the casino all day until the show, right? Welllllllll....... We ended up getting me in for FREE!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was even better than back in April (even though Michelle wasn't there, but I understand why she wasn't), there were like ten or eleven guys there this time, quite a few new ones, and one of the new guys was totally HOT! He's definitely my new favorite. And Katrina and I (and Michelle kinda too) are trying to find some places for the to come up here.... Tony (the owner guy) told us to find somewhere.....he's the one who let me in for free and stuff.

So today I was checking out the East Coast Chippendales Myspace and noticed that they had a new date up (I've been checking like every day or two to see if they've added one).....one in Mount Pleasant, at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. So I called Katrina up and told her about it and we're definitely going to it! She was all "WHEN? WHEN DO THE TICKETS GO ON SALE?" lol. So I found out all that info and we're talking about getting a hotel room up there (NOT at the casino....way too expensive for us) for that night (it's a Saturday). I'm hoping Michelle will come with, I really am. I called and left a message on her voicemail today so whenever she gets a chance to call me I'll talk to her about it more, but that probably won't be until this weekend.

Speaking of Michelle.... She got a job!!! She's been working there for.....most of this month. Don't remember exactly how long. She says she likes it. It's a flower packing place.....she's mainly doing stuff in the office though. This job came about through way of David (the new friend I mentioned meeting in the last entry I wrote). He called me and asked me about it, but I babysit and the job is like from 7am until 3:30pm, so I was kinda reluctant to say yes even if I didn't babysit, but I mentioned that maybe Michelle would want it, so I called her up and told her. I'm glad she has a job! I know she's been searching for one for years.

Anywayz..... Like the subject says, lots going on, huh? Another thing happening? I can't find my digital camera. So since I have this concert coming up in a week and a half, tomorrow (technically today, I guess you could say) when I get paid I'm buying a new one. It's an HP M425....it has an awesome zoom and I'm going to only end up paying like $124.01 for it, which is awesome! I CANNOT wait to go and get it...hehehehe.....

Hmmm... What else to talk about.....? I've been getting into doing puzzles for the last week again. I'm on the third one....of course, I've been working on this one since Monday and I'm only maybe a quarter of the way (it's a 750 piece puzzle) done with it. I also put together a Orlando Bloom as Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest puzzle (300 piece, and it only took me 3 hours to put it together) and a dragon one (500 piece, took like 2 days). That's how bored I've been the last coupla weeks....

So bored that I've been watching CSI like crazy the last week and a half. I'm already done with the first two seasons and am like...8 episodes or so into season 3. On top of that I've watched season 2 of Veronica Mars (came out August 22nd on DVD...hehe), plus Days and Passions every day (yes, I've gotten back into the habit of watching those), plus most of my shows that I watch during the week. Last weekend I sat at home the entire weekend and watched CSI and put together the dragon puzzle...OH MY GOD WAS I BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been sooooo insane lately, how bored I've been. Seriously. I feel like I need to get outta this house SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. Even though, technically, I HAVE been getting outta the house. It's weird. It's as though I'm tired of the places I go to....Meijer, Wal-Mart, movies, etc. As though I need to go somewhere NEW! Wish I HAD somewhere new to GO!

Right... I think I'm going to go either read or watch something, 'cause I'm tired but not really, if ya know what I mean.... It's weird. I've been like this the last coupla weeks too. Like I'd feel exhausted that my eyes would be starting to sting but I'd lay down and two hours later I'd still be awake because I couldn't sleep.

I hafta say, this is one of my longer entries, huh? Okay, really going now. I'll try to write again soon...which probably won't be until after the concert! Lol! Soooooooo............ CYA!!!!!

Posted on 06.26.2006 at 21:26
My Mood Today: tiredtired
What I'm hearing: Az Yet - Last Night
So apparently I'm not babysitting Brayden this summer. *Shrugs* Oh well. I haven't babysat him the past two Fridays, but that's okay. I'll just hafta scrape up the cash to give Tiff the rest of the money I owe her for the truck. And because I'll hafta do that, it'll probably be even longer before I can get plate and tags for it.

Anyways... Sooo.... Johnathan is staying with us for the time being. It was only supposed to be a two week deal, with him staying until this weekend, but some things happened and now he's NOT moving out this weekend. It's not bad with him here. I really only see him when he gets home from work...sometimes only for a few minutes....and when he has the day off and he has no plans. Yesterday we hung out like all day. Went to the movies to see Click, then we went to Kalamazoo and went to a Kings game (baseball....tickets were free) and then we went to his gay bar. We didn't stay there very long though, 'cause he had to work this morning, and I was tired and bored and there was like NOBODY there.

On Saturday night, when we got home from going to Grand Rapids (for Spanky's birthday party/Regina's housewarming party) I had a message from a guy on myspace.com who is new to Coloma and is looking for new friends. So I replied to his message and we talked a little on the IM on myspace on Sunday and decided to go to see Click. And so Johnathan and I met him up there. His name is David, according to his myspace he's 26. He seems like a cool guy. He called me today and we were on the phone for like a half hour.

Why the hell am I so tired? Man, this past week or so I've been almost falling asleep while reading or watching stuff. It's pitiful. Tonight I was reading and I couldn't keep my eyes open so I took a really short nap. Couldn't take too long of one because I hafta get up early to babysit Julian tomorrow. Katrina works from 10am-2pm tomorrow. Ugh...opening shifts....I hate them!!!

Then Michelle is coming over at around 2:30ish and we're going to go to this used bookstore in Stevensville. I've got some books to take with me to get some credit and I'm going to buy some books (well, obviously, considering it's me and a bookstore....would I really go there and NOT buy books?).

Right. Well I think I'm going to go make supper for my mom and Dody and then find SOMETHING to do! I AM SOOOOOO BORED!!!!!!!!! So... CYA!


Posted on 06.06.2006 at 06:15
My Mood Today: sicksick
What I'm hearing: Rachel Yamagata - Be Be Your Love
Being sick reallllllllllly sucks. Right now I'm up because, as usual, I couldn't sleep. But this time it's because I couldn't stop coughing long enough TO fall asleep. Seems every few minutes I cough. Grrrrr! It SUCKS!!!!! I fucking hate being sick! I really do!!!!!! If only I had insurance or could afford to go to the doctor. But I can't. Plus, I sure as hell wouldn't be able to afford whatever prescription they would've prescribed me. *Cough cough* Dammit!!!!!!

*Sigh* Seems like just about everytime I update this thing is really early in the morning when I can't sleep. Hmmm..... Weird. Oh well, though. At least it's not on a day that I hafta get up super early to babysit someone, right? Well, I'm going to go find SOMETHING to do, since it's still so early I'm the only one awake right now. CYA!

Posted on 05.26.2006 at 01:55
My Mood Today: paranoid
What I'm hearing: People talking in X2
Again, no sleep for the early babysitting job. Grrrrrrr...... Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of hours before Brayden gets here though. And hopefully he goes right back to sleep. That would be just the greatest.

Hey, this is a long entry compared to most of my other ones from this month, isn't it? Ha ha ha...

So, Michelle and I are going to see X-Men: The Last Stand tomorrow. The first matinee showing, at 12:30pm, at Celebration. Damn the Loma for not having it! I'm really getting annoyed with the Loma. Everytime I want to see a movie, when I actually have the money to see it, they don't have it, and when I don't have the money, they do have it! GRRRRRRR!

Anywho... I'm going to go watch my movie (X2) and possibly get something to eat and then try to get a couple of hours. So... CYA!

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