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Mellie a.k.a. Tinklebell

18 February 1984
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Haha... You expect me to put stuff about myself on here? Yeah, right! You must be dreaming!

If you REALLY want to know something about me, then ask ME! E-mail me, IM me, post a comment on a journal entry, whatever. Heck, you can even check out my Myspace. There's more info on me on there......although my LJ is where I write everything else.

That is all I can think of to say at the moment.
21 jump street, 3 doors down, 80's music, adam brody, amazing race, american dreams, angel, animals, anita blake books, aslyn, astrology, astronomy, audrey hepburn, avril lavigne, babysitting, backstreet boys, baking, bath and body works, ben jelen, board games, books, boyz ii men, buffy the vampire slayer, cameras, candles, cappucino, casper, cats, chad michael murray, charmed, chippendales, cinderella, clay aiken, computers, concerts, cows, crazy taxi, criminal minds, csi, csi: miami, csi:ny, dead like me, desperate housewives, devon sawa, dirty dancing, disney movies, dogs, dvds, eeyore, eharlequin.com reading room, evanescence, faktion, finding nemo, friends, full house, garfield, gavin degraw, ghost hunters, ghosts, gidget, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, guitar hero, harry potter, hauntings, heroes, hinder, hoobastank, house m.d., ireland, j.d. robb, jeopardy, joan of arcadia, johnny depp, journey, jude deveraux, kelly clarkson, laurell k. hamilton, lilo & stitch, linkin park, lois & clark, lord of the rings, lost, making websites, medium, meg cabot, monk, moon, mortal kombat, movies, music, mythology, nick carter, nickelback, nintendo ds, nora roberts, numb3rs, oldies music, one tree hill, orlando bloom, pajamas, paranormal, pens, photography, pillows, princess diaries books, prison break, pysch, reading, romance novels, romeo & juliet, roswell, s.e. hinton, saved by the bell, seether, sex and the city, shopping, sliders, smallville, sonic drive-in, sonic the hedgehog, spider-man, stars, stephenie meyer, stuffed animals, supernatural, swimming, television, the 4400, the o.c., the sims, theory of a deadman, three days grace, tigers, tom welling, tweety bird, twilight saga, vampires, veronica mars, wal-mart, walking, water, wentworth miller, werewolves, wheel of fortune, wolves, x-men, yellowcard