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So I've seen Chippendales 4 times this summer. It's been pretty eventful! Blue Chip was awesome, and then on August 10th, me, Katrina and Michelle drove to Kokomo, Indiana to see them, and then just last week, on September 6th, Katrina and I saw them in Evansville, Indiana (which is 6 hours away). I know, you're saying, "hey, that's only three", but Evansville was two shows. It's been soooooo much fun this summer. I thought last summer was great, and the beginning of this summer was boring, but it turned into such a better one. Katrina and I are gonna be seeing them again in November at Soaring Eagle (saw them there last year).

Well, I'll go more into detail about all the shows later, when I'm more up to it. For now, I'm gonna get goin' 'cause I'm watching Charmed the Final Season on DVD and my goal is to finish it today. So, CYA!
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