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Alright, so I never followed up about the last Chippendales show. I woke up the Saturday of the show and found out that my mom was in the hospital. Apparently my mom couldn't breathe. She ended up being in the hospital until Tuesday afternoon, that's how bad she was. But she's fine now. She told Dody that I was to, under no circumstances, cancel my plans to go to Chippendales. So Katrina picked me up there at the hospital then we went to pick up her grandpa's car and then from her grandpa's house she went to work and I went to pick up Chris.

After picking Chris up we went back to the hospital so I could see my mom again. Regina and the kids showed up there to see her too and I had her do my hair and then we left to go to South Bend. We get there and we park and are there for like fifteen minutes, TOPS, when Tony (the Chippendales owner guy) came out the door and said "Hey, girls, show's been cancelled." Oh, we were pissed! So I immediately called Katrina and told her and then I had to drive back to Benton Harbor and get Katrina's ticket and then drive all the way back to South Bend so we could get our money back from the tickets.

So then after that I've been checking the sites to find out when they'd be coming nearby again and nothing, until last week when Michelle told me her dad had been to Blue Chip and there was a sign saying they were gonna be having Chippendales again. So I checked the Blue Chip site and sure enough, they're going to be there on July, YAY! Tickets go on sale on the 18th of this month and this past Thursday (the 7th) Katrina had to go to Michigan City and so I went with her and we booked a room at Blue Chip for the 6th, that way we can go to the room if we need to, we can get ready in the room instead of getting ready before we even leave the house in the morning, we'll be able to walk around the hotel since we'll be guests and if we stay and party with them really late I can just be like "dude, I'm tired, I'm goin' to the room and gettin' some sleep", hey, I could drink because I wouldn't hafta drive anywhere....I hope anywayz.

So, anywho, I should go 'cause Katrina'll be here in a couple minutes to be bringing Julian over. I will write after the show sometime (hey, maybe even before the show, who knows?!). For now, CYA!!!
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