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"...they're some strippers." LOL!! That's a song to the tune of the Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers theme song, made up by Katrina. Anywho...I'm totally going to see the Chippendales this weekend! It's been a while, since November 18th, that I last saw them, so it's about time to see them again. Although I'm sad 'cause my favorite guy quit!! It's so depressing! Not only did he quit, but another guy quit and one was let go! That's three guys who I won't see anymore at the shows..... *Sniffle*

This time Michelle's not going with and Katrina's going to be meeting me there when she gets off work. My friend Chris is going to go with. She's never been to a show before and she's been wanting to which was why I asked her. Just don't know if I can handle her all day, 'cause she talks non-stop about things she's told you a million times already or things you couldn't care less about. And half the things she says I'm not sure whether to believe them 'cause they seem kinda far-fetched for her. it's been quite a while, huh? Haven't really been up to much else lately. Just buying DVDs.....watching DVDs......watching my TV shows.... OH! I forgot one thing.... With money Katrina gave me from taxes I bought myself a Nintendo DS! That's something new lol. That's something else I've been doing, playing my DS. And about a week and a half ago I borrowed Tiff's Gamecube, so yet another thing I've been doing lately is playing games on there.

VERONICA MARS COMES BACK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! It's been just over two months since the last time a new episode of it aired, so I'm realllllllllly excited....and then Wednesday One Tree Hill comes back (after about a week longer than Veronica Mars!!!), which I'm excited about too!!! Oh, I can't WAIT!!! It's about fuckin' time for both of them to come back!!!!!

Right....well.....I'm gonna go for now, wanna watch a movie but I'm not sure which one yet and picking one out might take some time lol. I'll TRY to update again soon....but it'll probably be a few months as usual lol...CYA!!!
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