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Leavin' For Missouri...

So I'm leaving in about 2 hours to go to Missouri! YAY!!! I totally cannot wait... I just wanted to write a little something in here. I'll have so much to do when I get back, checking all my sites, including this one (all the communities I'm in), catching up on all my TV shows. I made sure I was caught up before I left (well, except Numb3rs, 'cause the channel was screwing up and so the tape didn't get it coming in very good......grrrrr at that channel!), I'm checking all my sites now and then I'm going to go get ready: shower, finish packing, etc. I should be able to check my sites at LEAST once or twice while I'm down there, so it shouldn't be TOO much to catch up on those.

Anywho.....I reallllllllllly should be going to take my shower now......soooooooooo......... Talk to everyone soon!
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