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So apparently I'm not babysitting Brayden this summer. *Shrugs* Oh well. I haven't babysat him the past two Fridays, but that's okay. I'll just hafta scrape up the cash to give Tiff the rest of the money I owe her for the truck. And because I'll hafta do that, it'll probably be even longer before I can get plate and tags for it.

Anyways... Sooo.... Johnathan is staying with us for the time being. It was only supposed to be a two week deal, with him staying until this weekend, but some things happened and now he's NOT moving out this weekend. It's not bad with him here. I really only see him when he gets home from work...sometimes only for a few minutes....and when he has the day off and he has no plans. Yesterday we hung out like all day. Went to the movies to see Click, then we went to Kalamazoo and went to a Kings game ( were free) and then we went to his gay bar. We didn't stay there very long though, 'cause he had to work this morning, and I was tired and bored and there was like NOBODY there.

On Saturday night, when we got home from going to Grand Rapids (for Spanky's birthday party/Regina's housewarming party) I had a message from a guy on who is new to Coloma and is looking for new friends. So I replied to his message and we talked a little on the IM on myspace on Sunday and decided to go to see Click. And so Johnathan and I met him up there. His name is David, according to his myspace he's 26. He seems like a cool guy. He called me today and we were on the phone for like a half hour.

Why the hell am I so tired? Man, this past week or so I've been almost falling asleep while reading or watching stuff. It's pitiful. Tonight I was reading and I couldn't keep my eyes open so I took a really short nap. Couldn't take too long of one because I hafta get up early to babysit Julian tomorrow. Katrina works from 10am-2pm tomorrow. Ugh...opening shifts....I hate them!!!

Then Michelle is coming over at around 2:30ish and we're going to go to this used bookstore in Stevensville. I've got some books to take with me to get some credit and I'm going to buy some books (well, obviously, considering it's me and a bookstore....would I really go there and NOT buy books?).

Right. Well I think I'm going to go make supper for my mom and Dody and then find SOMETHING to do! I AM SOOOOOO BORED!!!!!!!!! So... CYA!
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