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Again, no sleep for the early babysitting job. Grrrrrrr...... Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of hours before Brayden gets here though. And hopefully he goes right back to sleep. That would be just the greatest.

Hey, this is a long entry compared to most of my other ones from this month, isn't it? Ha ha ha...

So, Michelle and I are going to see X-Men: The Last Stand tomorrow. The first matinee showing, at 12:30pm, at Celebration. Damn the Loma for not having it! I'm really getting annoyed with the Loma. Everytime I want to see a movie, when I actually have the money to see it, they don't have it, and when I don't have the money, they do have it! GRRRRRRR!

Anywho... I'm going to go watch my movie (X2) and possibly get something to eat and then try to get a couple of hours. So... CYA!
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